Only enable VR plugins for VR projects, please.....

Good day,

When I create any new non-VR project and open it, UE4 automatically launches Steam VR and Oculus VR.
I need to disable the plugins manually in the Plugins settings that these plugins are not launched every single time I open the project! This is really bugging me. Bad UX.
( The worst is, that it even changes the sound to the Oculus headphones… )

Please only automatically enable VR plugins for VR projects.


The VR editor relies on the plugins so I don’t see this happening.

They could defer launching the vr runtimes until you actually launch in vr though. I have a PR that improves it a bit and let’s it pick the right GPU adapter for SteamVR without launching SteamVR:

This issue will be fixed in one if the next releases…