Only able to run two media streams on Galaxy S7 VR

Build Type: Binary

Version: Version: 4.12.5-3039270+++UE4+Release-4.12

Hardware: Galaxy S7 + Gear VR consumer

Description: Using media players I can only play two videos at a time. even if pausing one stream, playing a third is not possible. Getting black stream instead.

I had to change to using one media player and opening / closing URLs instead. Only having one open at a time.

Also stopping the app does not stop the videos from playing in the editor. When handling 4K video files this makes the editor very unresponsive.


Create three media players with each their own source and a media texture, material and media sound. Play one, play a second then a third. The third video will not play regardless of play order.

Hi Eirinn,

I’m not seeing the same issue on my end when streaming three videos. They all play and stream as I would expect with a standard android project or as a GearVR project. In the engine folder (Engine\Build\IOS\Resources\Movies) we have a sample movie that you can use to test that this asset works for you as well. I used three copies of this uploaded to my personal site so I could stream it back to the media file in UE4.

There are some significant changes coming to the way Media is handled in 4.13 though. This has been rewritten to make it a more streamlined process.


Streaming works fine. Even locally. Streams can be closed as well. But if I use the Media player without using the URL open node (local files with each their media player) it doesn’t on 3 or more. As in using a blueprint Play nodes on media. If I play two media assets and then pause them, a third cannot be played. Btw, closing a stream causes the URL to disappear from the media asset entirely. Even when exiting the game and returning to the editor. Media also keeps playing in editor mode after exiting in-editor play test (not extra window). Good to hear it’s changing however, it’s been a very stressful experience :slight_smile:

The media textures continually playing in the editor has been known for just about as long as it’s been available. This should be resolved with the overhaul.

I set mine up the way you explained. I plugged the media url into the media asset. I used only the Play node to call all three media assets to stream.

It would be best to wait and re-evaluate this once the new system is released and in place with 4.13.