[OnlineSubsystem] Not Working

So recently i have been learning how to develop a battle royale game through youtube tutorials. i have asked for help from the tutorial and he has helped me as much as possible and said it could be my firewall blocking it? Now im not to sure on how i can do it so it will not block it. Basically im trying to get player 1 to join into the same lobby as player 2, below is the picture of the script. The tutorial guy has said that the code is not working the foreachloop is not finding the session because something on my firewall is blocking it.

Is there anyway around this?

What online subsystem are you using? Steam or NULL? If you are just using Null it gets a lot more complicated to make a connection to another person on the internet.

If you want to use steam then make sure you have defined it in your DefaultEngine.Ini file

Hello, i am using null atm because steam will be implemented further on. If i used steam i would have to have another machine connect to see if it worked.

If you are testing on the same machine then enable LAN and it should work.

how exactly do i do that? see im a beginner in most parts would i just tick the box?

Yes, tick the box should suffice if your DefaultEngine.ini file is set to use Null.

Some reason i have done what you said and it does not work.

You need to also check LAN on “Create Session” and when you join you should not call Create Session after Join Session. Simply join the first session in the array and delete the ForEachLoop.