OnlineBeaconHost fails to initialize with EOS Net Driver

Hey! I’ve been trying to use the EOS Net Driver as the BeaconNetDriver in UE 5.3, but my OnlineBeaconHost fails to initialize with this net driver. I have no issues when using the Steam Net Driver. Also I’m pretty sure this used to work as well.

Has anyone run into the same issue?

Here are the relevant logs below. Some EOS systems use LogTemp for some reason…

LogKronos: KronosPartyManager: Creating party beacon host...
LogTemp: Verbose: Init as EOSNetDriver listen server. LocalURL = (:7787/Kronos/Examples/Maps/KronosExampleMenu)
LogTemp: Warning: Could not get socket subsystem
LogBeacon: KronosPartyListener_0: AOnlineBeaconHost::InitHost failed

I have the EOS Socket Subsystem enabled.
I also have everything configured as well.