Online Subsystem Steam Access Help

How do I get access to FOnlineSubsystemSteam?

What do i need to #include? And does anything need to be added to the Build.cs file?

I already have “OnlineSubsystemSteam” added under PublicDependancyModuleNames but it doesn’t allow me to

#include "OnlineSubystemSteam.h"

or anything similar. What can I do?

Specifically end goal is to access:
“FOnlineUserCloudSteam → SteamRemoteStorage()->IsCloudEnabledForAccount()”

I have working Cloud storage through generic interface at the moment but I need to change the behaviour based on whether its enabled or not, and I don’t have access to that through the generic interface and need the steam one more specifically.


Needed to rebuild project files after adding Steam Subsystem into PublicDependancyModuleNames and after that I could access it through :

IOnlineSubsystem* OnlineSub = IOnlineSubsystem::Get();
FOnlineSubsystemSteam* OnlineSubSteam = static_cast<FOnlineSubsystemSteam*>(OnlineSub);