Online SubSystem for Architecture Visualization

Moøkan Co. Ltd. is an architectural Visualization studio. We are developing an interface for our projects where we will like to implement an internet online connection, allowing one user to host the others in a multiplayer game.

Since we can’t request our client to be on steam or similar and we can’t publish the simulation there, we need our own OSS or any other solution to allow the user to find the host. So we are looking for someone who has it done before to it for us.

Please write to us with a quotation for the development and implementation of this function in our project.


Hi, I am interested in working on this task.

I have 2 years of experience in unreal engine with multiplayer support.

contact me on discord “rajpootathar#7658” or skype “rajpootathar”.


I did this using AWS.this infrastructure will require that.
if u interested than we can discuss about the tech that i used to do that

Hi, I’ve worked on project similar to this. You need to host your server in a cloud and from there you can get connected. Let me know if you want to know more