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Hey everyone!

I’ve recently made the decision to study UE4. I’ve worked Full-time in the gaming industry as a QA Specialist.

I was searching online for any study groups specifically for Unreal and could not find any :frowning:

I wanted to see if anyone wanted to create a study group learning Unreal through free online resources:

Video Tutorials

Documentation Knowledgebase


Community Videos

*Tesla Dev is a great teacher! *

I am mainly looking for someone who is just beginning. I’m trying to learn programming through Blueprints as I love game design but even if you’re specializing in something else such as Audio engineering or Animation, Just let me know when you’ll be studying and I’ll join you, *cause knowledge is power! *

I’d prefer if we could chat through videos or learn through Google hangouts. After working with teams my entire career, I’ve become comfortable learning in social environments. That is because through discussions, we may find alternate ways to think about a problem that may make it easier for me to understand than whatever I may have come up with.

We could share Onenote or a Google Doc.

We can also use free project Management software, such as Wrike or Pyrus, to keep track of what we studied, provide feedback, and even develop our own curriculums. For example, not deciding to move unto the next subject until we’ve implemented what we learned into a project.

My personal Time slot

  • 8PM to 12AM Monday - Friday
  • 10AM - 4PM Saturday and Sunday

Everyone has their own projects they want to see come to fruition and I’m not trying to recruit anyone to my own, I merely want to see if they’re like minded folks who are getting started and love learning in group sessions. However, I’m open to helping each other develop our dream games! :slight_smile:

Thanks for reading!

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