Online Robotics Simulator


I am looking to get a interactive simulation

Im looking to design a game that simulates a robotics class I teach. In this class we learn about line following. We use the Arduino IDE and Arduinos own “Custom” language that is basically an over lay for C++. I would need to be able to control the robot by the Arduino code I type into the online interface(Arduino IDE). I will can the 3d models and whatever else for the terrain. I want my users to basically be able to emulate my class inside this game.

The best example I can find is this interface is exactly what I want but using my robot and sensors.

I am thinking we could use UE4 but I am also open to other Ideas on how to accomplish this task.

What do you think?

Here are some more links: << Line following event <<Arduino IDE <<Arduino language examples

Sounds like a really cool project. When you say simulation, do you mean in a VR environment or do you just want an on screen sim for standard screens? I assume the later, but these days people are taking “sim” to mean all kinds of things :slight_smile: