ONLINE nor OFFLINE activation are working for me

I have a valid licence and have successfully renewed my promo licence online 5 times (same pc)
While still testing it abilities I was sure if I would want to try and another pc so have been renewing for shorter periods eg 15 days)

When signing in using the app to activate I’m promoted for licence duration. I check the acknowledge box and click activate.
It goes on to say acquiring a licence for your computer and withing seconds displays the manual activation screen.

I save unlock.bin and when i use the same file on the website I receive an error.
“The unlock.bin cannot be verified. Please try again later or contact our support team.”

I have run a repair install which didn’t help.
The only thing different on my machine is My Windows 10 install has recently done the Creators Update.

Hi Doug Baird

We had license server issue but it was solved few minutes back. Try it now please.

Thanks @Wishgranter, Confirming its working again now.