Online Multiplayer Game - For Math

Hello everyone,
I would like to get your opinion on doing a different type of math game for kids. I have a few games that I have had created that are simple little mini games within a level. I want to see what the difficulties of doing an online multiplayer game are for this math game.

My idea was to take from the ideas in the features tour how they have two mini games at the end (the one where you control the space ship to pick up cows), and make mini games in a larger level. The kids I have surveyed think it would be awesome to be able to see another player running around the level. I think they would like it but I need to get an idea of what is involved.

For the game I only want them to see each other but not interact. I also would like to know if you can still do an online multiplayer game but make them invisible to each other if teachers do not like seeing other players? Is this difficult to do? (new to the engine, just so you know)

One big question I have is can the mini games be played by many kids at one time? (From watching tutorials it seems like yes but I need to make sure)

How difficult is packaging a game of this nature? For example do I need to have a developer create an app that stays on the desktop to help them connect through? One of the goals is to make sure the schools login to the website using their login.

What other challenges would I face?

If there is someone who has already packaged a multiplayer game and knows a lot about this I would not mind paying you for an hour of your time on a skype session. I really need to know all this before I jump in. Thanks

Well, there are a few challenges associated with this.

•For having them see each other but not interact, just edit the player’s collision so that they can’t collide with other pawns.
•Making them invisible would be very easy, just change whether or not the players replicate.
•Mini games would be playable by more than 1 player if you designed them that way, after all, this engine has been used to make many multiplayer games.
•As far as packaging the game goes, your question is sort of unclear, by package do you mean develop? Using the school’s login will take some effort on the school’s part unless I misunderstood your question
•Other challenges? This ultimately depends on how skilled you are in game development. It sounds like a game like this would be being played at the schools themselves, so I imagine the frame rate would be under 30 on those computers.

Skype me so that we can discuss this and a clear a few things up. Click on my Skype icon under my username.