Online multiplayer combat vehicle game in the style of World of Tanks/War Thunder

Hi guys!

Im looking for somebody who could quickly and cheaply develop the online multiplayer for at least 40 concurrent players that would run smoothly without any lag if possible and still be capable computing vehicle physics and bullet ballistics if possible. Send me your quotes and I will assign this job to guy who can develop the online multiplayer the cheapest and quickest way and still run smoothly without any lag.

Check my attached in game video that I made it in Unity but by the latest info I got it looks like the Unity could not handle the online multiplayer smoothly so it looks like I have to port the game to Unreal engine so whats your opinion ( if you have some experience in Unity ) could the Unity handle the online multiplayer smoothly without too much lag or it will be inevitable to move to Unreal to achieve that task and still it will be possible to develop online multiplayer in Unreal very quickly and cheaply almost without any lag or its impossible and the task takes much more money and time to achieve it?

Are you looking for the entire game to be built or the coding side of things like network and client side? Just was a bit confused on exactly what you needed. Also Unity can run this type of game just as good as any other, you just need to be a good coder when it comes to c#, java, and c++, and of course good with networking. Though in UE4 you can make this all from BP or c== and BP together, either way.

I meant just the price and time for multiplayer but if somebody would have really very low rates then I could hire him for entire game. So whats your quote just for online multiplayer?

I was only asking because my team is doing an MMO and need funding in any form we can get it. So we may be able to build your game as it is much smaller if you have a budget. As for just the online aspect PM me and give me your actual budget.

  1. I can afford to pay just the very lowest price for the online multiplayer due my budget $3000 that I have for entire game demo so whats the best/lowest price you can offer me for online multiplayer for 40 concurrent players that will work smoothly with all the Unity plugins ( yes I would prefer to keep the project in Unity if possible to save time and money ) without any significant lag? 2. Its just matter to quickly setup online multiplayer in Photon or so and thats it or it involve a lot of programming to create work it smoothly? 3. How many hours of work it takes? Please answer all my question due its crucial to me.

Hi, This is something we have expertise in and would love to collaborate on. Where can I reach out to you for details?

You can add me on Skype for further information and to talk further about what you want and need done, thanks!

This is something that I would feel confident doing, feel free to add me on Skype (see underneath my username) if you still need this position filled.