Online Learning Portal Feedback

Hi guys,

I wanted to give feedback on the online learning portal. I do not evaluate the content itself, but a lot of things are of great value and nicely presented (I only had a sneak peek)

What I liked was for example how the tests in “Getting to Know Materials for Design Visualization” are designed. I would suggest that every course needs to have at least one test to finish it, instead of only scrubbing through video and getting aknowledged.

If there are badges, I think it would be great to see what you can achieve?

Are there “points” implemented yet? After completing 2 courses, I do not have any points?

Other things hat would need improvement for my perspective, so let’s go:

  1. From the start page, going to Learn -> Online Learning, the page says to level up my skils etc. and there is a large blue button saying “login to get started”. This is quite strange to me because I am already logged into my account. This is just a nuisance but it is confusing. Maybe for users already logged in, there should be a “Let’s get started” text instead. See attached image.

  2. I found a few glitches with the resources for the “Build a Configurator Using the New Variant Manager” course.
    The first of 3 parts are slides, named “Build a Configurator Using the New Variant Manager Presentation Slides”.
    As you can see, due to the fact that the menu is always open, the back button is always hidden. The user needs to close the menu or does not know how to get back to the previous slide. Same for me in both Chrome and Firefox current stable versions.

2.1) There is the possibility to zoom for the slides. Unfortunately, after using that functionality once, you can never return to the zoom level the slides started with. It is either way too small or too large to fit the browser “frame”. The user has to reload the page to get that “perfect”/adjusted zoom level for his display.

2.2) The zoom buttons only work after clicking them twice. (Also in firefox and chrome)

  1. The menu state is not remembered. Whenever you switch to the next module, the menu re-appears. Only a nuisance but I think there should only be a display about the progress, like “2/4” instead of the menu opening for every reload or module switch again. As there is no other functionality in the menu except for a list of modules, i think it should only be displayed when the user switches to new courses or starts a new course. The “collapse menu” from the learning resources portal is remember on page reload, too. So I think this should behave the same.

Looking forward to an open discussion and I hope I could give some insight into what my experiences were and what I would have liked to see or expected instead.