Online Learning Document

Hi, I study UE4 using Online Learning but a lot of courses can’t find the documents which are used in the video.
I hope to watch the video at the same time to practice using the same documents.
Maybe there can be found in somewhere I don’t know.
Thanks for all the help.

Do you mean the file downloads that are used in the tutorial? I’ve encountered where some are not available too. What tutorials are you trying to go through?

Generally peaking, required files when made available come in 2 varieties.

One, you already have it or it’s free content, you just have to find it in your vault.

2, a redeem code is made available for you to get the thing from the launcher.

the links can be a bit hidden, but generally in the course master page (the one with your progress and the topics) you have tabs at the top. One of these tabs will provide the code to activate the files.

from then on, if like me you have a library/voult of 80 or so items, it’s really hard to find the content you just redeemed.

curiously enough, this information is detailed I think in the videos made by Wadstein. The same guy that makes all the WTF and WTF is for UE4 stuff…
It was also mentioned in a step by step fashion for the Post Process materials tutorial.

Some other courses simply don’t have any required files…


I hate to be a grumpy dumpty here but needing a tutorial just to download a learning content for another tutorial is a… sigh

I know from this page (…earning-portal), you can redeem the code by cliking your account name at the lower left side of Epic Games Launcher.
Did that and nothing happened, nothing added to my vault.

Also, the link to the instructions on using the redemption code (at least as of this writing:…d-7056fa50dfb6) is broken. But then again - a tutorial on how to download a learning content for another tutorial… sigh. Cant they just put it in the marketplace as free content - search “project name” from free content on marketplace to download sample project - or something similar?

Well, it could very well be that the codes are not working at the moment for me too.
I’ll go back to scouring youtube for answers on learning Sequencer for now.

yeah what’s the deal here? I just used the redeem code for the Automotive Lighting tutorial and the code has been accepted but there’s nothing in my vault…

Same complaints here. Very frustrating!!! Took me over an hour for the RevittoUnreal learning project to show up in my vault. The only thing that is preventing me from keeping up with the tutorials is my inability to locate the sample files. for python scripts? seriously? Where is the download link? Just put everything in one place!

UPDATE: Cripes…so, for the “Your First Hour in Sequencer” course, the vault entry is called (y’all wanna sit down for this one): Your First Hour in Sequencer.

Really.Where’s my copy of Unity…

Yeah, I got the code accepted too, went to the vault, and then realized that I HAVE NO FREAKIN CLUE what I’m looking for! Absolutely no file/project name in the description from the “Your First Hour in Sequencer” course. A graphic shows something about “Online Learning” as a name prefix? Really sloppy. Very poor UX. People, c’mon already. The entire Learning portal is in dire need of updating as a whole, but this has me pulling my hair out. So unnecessary.