Online Gaming in Unreal in a nutshell.

TFlex Soom here,

I am currently trying to work on a 4 player simple online card game and am having problems with the online part. Using this designated server tutorial from EniGmaa ( A new, community-hosted Unreal Engine Wiki - Announcements and Releases - Unreal Engine Forums ) I believed I could write the game as if it were just split screens although I started having trouble reaching the game mode blueprint for function calls from the Player Controller classes. So since the halt in progress I have been looking into how to correctly implement online play in my unreal project. So if I could get any or all of these questions answered that would be swell.

  • I notice there are a lot of unfinished plugins to do simple socket multiplayer. Is there a way to implement ip and portforwarding without the plugins?
  • In Unreal Engine’s Multiplayer Shootout example they do not define the online subsystem in the DefaultGame.ini file. Is defining the online subsystem required to use the sessions framework? (text file included in attachments)
  • With EniGmaa’s designated server format is there a way to only call methods on the server side that will not be run on the player side. Like if I wanted the designated server to create 100 sessions so players can join them at will after they connect.
  • I am very confused how EniGmaa used the OpenLevel function to open an ip address instead of a level. What does the function OpenLevel do in addition to opening requested level.
  • Which blueprints are replicated and which ones are not? aka Where can I write functions and events that the player controllers can access to figure out what objects are on the board and how many cards are in each other’s hands.

That’s about all I can think of off the top of my head. Feel free to make any corrections to my post if I used the wrong terminology. Just trying to cram all this unreal engine functionality in my head so I am sure I probably misunderstand a lot about the engine.

I believe nobody said multiplayer is easy to make…
Btw, a Game Mode exists only in the Server; a connected Player trying to “get” Game Mode will find nothing.