Online gaming - Consoles, PC etc - Managing sessions

Hello! I have spent a good while now reading up on and figuring out of networking/replication in UE4.

My plan for a project is to be a multi-player game (max 8 players), and I’m interested in targeting consoles, and maybe PC.
However, I’m not quite sure where to start when it comes to managing the online bit, and could really use some advice/help on the matter:

  • 1 Are there interfaces that can be implemented for PS4 networking? I.e: do the PS4 use different/private servers for a MP game, or do you still supply “your own”, so to speak?
  • 2 For a game with no server-list browser (but ability to launch a session with friends and such), how much server capacity should there be? How exactly does the server part work? Do I have to buy a whole lot of servers to stand by for matchmaking??
  • 3 Are the interfaces/base classes in UE4 that handles the actual online connection and session management? I.e: Launch game with 4 friends: Create session, find server/slot and start game. Where does it all start?
  • 4 Lobby: The game does not feature any “drop-in” connections. A match must be set up, configured and then started. So that would be the place you’d ask friends on your PS4/xbox/PC to join in.
  • 4.1 Does UE4 expose interfaces that are specific to PS4/Xbox in terms of inviting friends from the platforms’ friends list? (Side question)
  • 5 Last but not least: Where can I buy servers for my game?

Edit questions:

  • Using servers for matchmaking and score/accounts only could be good, and make one of the players host the actual game-session. How would that work for consoles, however??

Hopefully the questions are somewhat clear. To summarize: I need some pointers/help on creating the online part of the game. So that consoles/machines on different networks can create/join games.
I took a little look at the Shooter Game online stuff, but I need to actually understand what to do and how it’s done, so that I can configure it for the games’ need.

So, are there any information on how to set up online matches for a game, and create the session on a server?

Best regards,

From my investigations and shootergame code trawling, It seems that the interface which handles a lot of the connection info is the GameSession, which is a type of GameMode. If you look closely at AShooterGameSession, you can pull a decent amount of information out of it.

I haven’t looked specifically at PS4 implementation, but I managed to get the steam works api to behave with a project. I would assume (maybe wrongly) that the PS4 systems work in a similar fashion.

Im trying to copy the shootergame server browser in my own project, although I am currently stuck at an engine crash while registering the server. Most annoying. If I get it working, I might attempt to make a tutorial or some such thing.