Online Game Development (Question)

Good day guys, I know there has been a few people who asked about how to make an MMO and all that, I’m really just looking for a more simplistic answer very generalized of how Online Games function. I know in past variations of Unreal games like Lineage II were made, so I know using the engine does have some benefit for massive online games.

What would the Unreal engine be used for in this scenario? Would you make your Movement engine, maps/architecture and animations and everything in Unreal, then use Java or C++ or .NET or something to make your Game Logic and Networking code for the Server side?

Like is that how it generally works

Client is coded as a shell for graphics purposes and the server is coded separately with all the Logic/data storing/networking etc? How would these two components talk? (Know very little about application networking).

Any insight would be greatly appreciated.

I’m having a lot of fun dabbling with UE4, but know I want to learn a full fledged language later on for Networking purposes, leaning away from C++ not because its not good, but because I’m not a fan of the syntax, thinking more Java or C#.


That depends entirely on what you want your game to do.
If your game needs physics simulation, vehicles, ballistics, etc, you’d probably make both the client and server run the Unreal Engine in full.
If the server is more of a “rules engine” (like for Chess or Hearthstone or whatnot) then you could build the server using some other technology, and build a think API wrapper in C++ for the Unreal client.
There’s really no “one best way” to do it.