Online game crashes (Fatal Error) when joining or creating a match, but only on Steam (Not in the editor or package build). Other maps works.

Using Blueprints

I have an odd one here.

I am using the AMT template from the marketplace. The game crashes with a fatal error when trying to load a specific map in multiplayer. But here is the kicker. I loaded the game on 3 different computers and on one computer (the gaming computer) it crashes 100% of the time on that map, then on two old laptops they can run it fine (but it will give the error from time to time). I tried re-installing on all machines multiple times.

I get no error code just a Fatal Error and Crash.

Basically, the game has a horde mode and a free roam mode. In order to switch to the free roam I had to load some variables in the Game Instance and the Game Mode before the Session is created (allowing me to flip off some triggers in the GS). Could that be doing it? The free roam map is also fairly large. But oddly enough the gaming computer is the one that has the most constant crashes!?

The problem is I can’t narrow down what is causing the crash.
-I make sure the sessions are cleared when joining or creating a match. I thought that might have been the culprate. It seems that if the host leaves and the client is booted the client experiences the error more often.

But there is just no consistency with this error. I am really stumped here.

[SOLVED] The Fatal Error was from VRAM being used up when the map loaded. If you are getting a Fatal Error it is likely from the VRAM crashing. Try making your map textures smaller or compressing the map size…

Can you suggest how to do this ?

Right click on your map / level file and there should be an option that says “size map” (or something like that) . That’ll tell you the largest textures, you can reduce the size to 256.

Or try just rebuilding the map and making it smaller.

The error for me was running out of vram.

Found this very useful but unfortunately, I’m to the point it’s just a black screen. I can hear my game in the background but just a black screen.