Online documentation problems??

Hi guys! I was wondering if there’s anybody who knows what’s going on with the unreal online documentation?? I haven’t been able to use it since yesterday. Are they having problems, or are the maintenances really just that long?? I just rescently decided to give another go on unreal engine, so sorry for asking if this is normal, but i’ve been checking the forum since yesterday, but haven’t seen a post about it yet!! that’s the only thing i really miss about unity3D, how docs and tutorials are spread all over the web, but for some reason there’s not that much good stuff for unreal outside the official docs… XD

Also wondering how long repair will take. Epics don’t have a backup?

They were down. I’m not entirely sure what the problem was: “Our teams are currently investigating an issue with our documentation and online learning sites. Both sites will be inaccessible until we identify and resolve this issue.” But they are working for me again.