Online DOcumentation (API)

Hello Epic after the 4.3 release you have removed the API from the doc page.

Can we please get it online to?
For me its most becuse am color blind and use high contrast in my web browser.
And its faster to.


Weird oO
Why did they do that?
And if you search - everything it still there, but api/index.html is frightening :c

Yes i hope they are not planning on removing it.
I got so used to the fast look up on the web.

Please Epic bring it back!

It’s just a mistake and just the home page. The rest should still be there. We’ll get it back up ASAP.

API search still works ;] thru i think CHM is way better in searching things

Ok thank you :slight_smile:
Any eta on adding the delegates to the API like classes and enums and so on.?