OnHovered button color fade

Hi there,
I’m trying to change the color (tint) of a widget button’s image at runtime when hovering with a FADE (white to blue there).
The default workflow is to set a different tint as Hovered button style, but the change is made in one tick. There is no way to animate the tint value and use this animation on hover. No way either to set the color using “set color and opacity” - which can be animated though, but doesn’t effectively change the color.
Any idea there ?

You can change it with a widget animation:

EDIT: You have to do it on background color…


Heck why the hell is this called BACKGROUND color if it doesnt change the Background ? :confused:
Also for some weird reason the color is not the same as expected - way too dark. Does it render in another way than the brush tint ?

Oh nvm it multiplies the background color with the hovered tint, I have to let the hovered tint as white. Thanks @ClockworkOcean !

Any chance to get this animation work for any button (instead of making one animation for each button) ?

i have the same question

I think you might be able to make a general purpose button widget class and then re-use it.

Im gonna do that, thanks

But how i can acces to the OnClicked event for each instance of the Button Class?

Also can the animation be baked in the instance and eventually be modified for each instance ?

That’s why I said ‘might’ :wink:

I have no idea actually…