OnHit event doesn't run for destructible object when it's hitting static object


I think there is a bug with destructible component and OnHit event. Let’s say we have a static mesh, a sphere, with physics simulation and “Simulation Generates Hit Events” enabled. If this sphere free falls onto other static mesh, let’s say a floor, OnHit event for this sphere will be called, which is expected.
In the same scenario, but sphere being destructible actor/component instead, OnHit event will not be called.

What’s interesting, in the situation where, for example, a player with attached collider tries to collide with the destructible object, collision will be registered and hit event for this destructible object will be called. So it looks like the problem shows only when destructible object is colliding with other static object on its own (like a ball falling onto a floor).

There is a trick to it, which is turing on “Enable Impact Damage” and setting positive value for “Impact damage” in destructible mesh settings. With this setup, OnHit event will be called upon any collision. This is a trick though and it makes destruction of the object less deterministic and unpredictable.

Hi karolsob,

Thank you for the report. This is a known issue that is logged as JIRA UE-35356. You can follow that link to monitor the status and vote on the priority of this bug report.