OnGenerateWidget isn't called in child widgets?

Hi all!

Due the fact you cannot set font size in the ComboBox (String) widget i’m making use of its OnGenerateWidget event to use my own ComboBoxItem, so i can decide font size, color, etc …

But i have a problem: If i put an ComboBox in an UserWidget, all works fine, but… if i make that UserWidget child of another UserWidget, the OnGenerateWidget event isn’t called anymore on the child widget’s ComboBox.

It this the normal behaviour or maybe it is a bug? :frowning: .

See ya!

After further investigation i have found that the OnSelectionChanged and OnOpening events are declarated in the ComboBoxString.h as DECLARE_DYNAMIC_MULTICAST_DELEGATE but the OnGenerateWidgetEvent isn’t. Could be this the reason of OnGenerateWidgetEvent not being called?

See ya!