OnFocusReceived missing from BP

Version: 5.0.3-20979098+++UE5+Release-5.0

OnFocusLost is available
OnRemovedfromFocusPath is available
OnAddedtoFocusPath is available

OnFocusReceived is missing

I was searching for ages and go figure I finally find an answer from an unrelated post right after I post this.

It’s not in the events because it’s a function that needs to be overridden.


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Thank you for your post, I spent too much time trying to determine what random thing i was missing.

I’d love to pick the brain of the intern who decided that OnFocusLost should be classified as an event accessible from the right click context menu and OnFocusReceived should be classified as an overridable function accessible by hovering on the right side of the functions dropdown header…