OnFinishedPlaying Event not in my menu!

I can’t get it to show up in my menu! There is no OnFinishedPlaying Event anywhere. I read on this page:

that “If you have the Flipbook selected in the MyBlueprint tab, you can right-click and search for the OnFinishedPlaying Event.” but I don’t even have the flipbook in my MyBlueprint tab.
So, I added a vairable and set it as a reference to the flipbook in question, and highlighted it and right clicked in the graph and that didn’t help either.

I just want to destroy this paper character after his death animation.

Please help.

This is inside my PlayerCharacterBP, have you tried unchecking the Context Sensitive? also, the Paperflipbook component should have Events on the details window.
just one thing to consider, seems like its on autoloop by default, be sure to disable it, else, it wont end.

Okay. Sorry I didn’t see your answer sooner! I’ll check that out when I get off of work!