OnePlus One not detected by Unreal but by adb

Hello. My OnePlus One is being found from adb devices , and the device manager launched inside unreal.

However I can not launch it directly to the phone. Programmer mode is on. The device is running android 5.0.2, is not rooted…

Here are the UE4’s settings for unreal.

Hi, thanks for your response. I have installed android studio before, I dont need to install TADP, thus i have not got the NDK installed


Before deploying your project on android device, you need prepare it. At first, you need activate Developer Options. Before activating, unplug USB cable. After activating, plug cable and start adb devices.

This is video for Android 5.x. about how to activate Developer Options

All information about developing for mobile devices, you can find this place:

At second - check all paths after install TADP. It Should look like in this screenshot.