OnEndCursorOver Only Working on Some Levels?

One thing I would suggest checking is making sure you have mouse over events turn on for the player controller you are using.

Hi all,

I am having a very unusual issue with the function OnEndCursorOver. I am using this function on my character’s capsule component to determine whether or not the mouse is within - if it is, I enable SetRenderCustomDepth to draw an outline around the mesh, otherwise it is not visible.

Here is the unusual part: this function is only ever called on one of my maps. If I make a brand new map and drop in a few characters, use the same GameMode and add the required PostProcessingVolume, the function is never called. This is absolutely the case, because the break point is never hit.

Here’s the line of code I’m using:

this->CapsuleComponent->OnEndCursorOver.AddDynamic(this, &ARoguelikeCharacter::MousedOverEnd);

As far as I can tell, nothing sets this map apart from any of the others. Of the 5 maps I have tried, only this single map works.

Is there some level variable or other setting I must enable to see this event fire?


Thanks for the quick response. I did a small update to my original post: the controller is the same in every case.

Yea since you are using the same game mode I didn’t think that would be the issue, also because you did make a break point and its never even reaching the function in 4/5 maps then its not the post processing blendables… I don’t know of any level settings that you have to set, tbh I would have to personally look through what you got to figure this out. Good luck. I’ll post back if I figure anything out.