One whole map or multiple put together?

Hello all!

Today I had one question (sort of), I was originally going to develop a rpg game, but due to being the only level designer (on my team that is) I thought it’d take a lot longer to create a rpg game compared to a fps (level design wise) for the following reason.

I feel like most fps games create separate maps and when the player goes to a new area they load a different area. So, for sake of level designing I thought that’d be easier, creating separate small, separate maps, because most rpg games have huge areas that don’t have those loading areas. So, I figured RPG’s were all made on one map instead of separate ones.

So, are rpg’s made all in one map, or are they made in different ones and then loaded together some how?

Thanks in advance!

Depends on the game, typically you wouldn’t want to make a huge map because there’s ways that can produce technical problems. They can build an engine for that purpose, but UE4 isn’t designed for it. UE4 is setting up ways of making it easier to combine maps seamlessly, but they’re also working on ways to make single maps larger. In fact, in the last livestream they were saying that they have plans to improve large worlds specifically.

Well ours is a larger game split into multiple 2K maps and streamed in when you hit a distance which is what games like Skyrim do. You could make a smaller RPG that runs on something like one 4K map… No issues with that…

Most RPG games use level streaming for that -> as ShadowKindGames already mentioned, they disappear after a certain distance. This technique will help you to reach a good performance, because everything after this distance will disappear (meshes, NPC’s, landscape,…) :slight_smile:


Thanks for the replys! Sorry, thought i already thanked yall.