One vertex of cloth is twitching


I have a robe on my character but the walking animation has this twitching section thats shown in the youtube video linked. I put a glass material on just so its easier to see

The Rigging, animations and modeling were done in blender

If anyone has any suggestions please say so

From the looks of it you might have some weight being applied to your robe at the top from a lower body bone. I would go through all your skin weighting to check that there’s no stray vertices getting weight from somewhere they shouldn’t.

Hey, I got it fixed. It wasnt because of the weight painting. It was something weird…

It was the right toe bone…

I dont know how but it created a weird collision on the upper body

It was weird but I finally got it fixed

Though thanks for the suggestion :slight_smile:

No problem, glad you got it working :slight_smile:

I also got problems with cloth its like I am bad luck with cloth, looked at youtube videos on cloth and did exactly what they have done, but with no luck. here is an image what is happening, as tearing through skelletol mesh as tearing through my hair lol. sorry about spelling but that doesnt concern me right now. and also the cloth is stiff. its like a ghost is changing settings.

could you send me a picture of the cloth in its orignal mesh form