One to one session - simple unreal game

Hi! I’m a graduate student in architecture and currently developing an unreal game for my graduation project. I know the basics and have no problem with 3D modeling but I would like to have some help to bring my game up to the next level and work more with blueprints. I would love go make it into a real videogame and people can actually play if during my presentation. The characters only need to perform some basic actions: open doors, picking up objects. It would be nice if the game can have multiple outcomes. I’m based in London and can work a few hours a week together! Please let me knoe if anyone’s interested! It will be paid. We can discuss more details later. Thank you!! :slight_smile:

Can you write more about scope and size of your game? That could help estimate time needed, also when is deadline for it?

And few questions:

  • is it multiplayer or not
  • VR, first person, 3rd person etc.
  • can you make animations and rig skeletons, or you use only free/stock unreal animations
  • rendering, lighting model. ie you aim for PC full quality render or some simple rendering for mobiles
  • do you need packaging for final version or you can be happy with run from editor.
  • does it need big and complicated AI system, or its only player character and environment.
  • unreal engine version

Also one big question, is it only for presentation or you plan to develop it further? This may be important for copyrights and using unreal market assets (or some other assets for non commercial use etc.)

Character Interaction in Blueprints - UE Marketplace I think you could use this interaction pack

I’m either graduating in game designer, i know good about blueprints and would love to work with you. How do i contact?