One Thousand and One Nights

hello guys, I recently started working on my first game project, I’v been working on this project by myself almost for 7 months,

the trailer will be revealed soon,

inspired from Silent hill and RE1

I would greatly appreciate it if you kindly give me some feedback and supports :slight_smile:

You need to adjust the radius of your lights so that they have an area effect which will make the shadows cast softer

Sure, thanks for the feedback :slight_smile:

here is some level details

It’s awesome to read that you are inspired by RE1, we definetively need more games like those… Are you planning to make a camera like the old REs? I mean a camera changing according to the character’s position?

hey BaspatOlivas , actually its a first person like Silent hill .PT , but the level design and the atmosphere much like RE1

Ohh!! I like this!! I m interesting in your project

Looks really great from the pictures. Cannot wait to see it in action.

thanks guys !:slight_smile:

Here some new details

join my group :slight_smile:

feedback guys what do you think ? :slight_smile:

Cool thrilling atmosphere in the trailer. :slight_smile: Keep it coming.

Awwww, from the title i expected a fresh and unique environment referring to the old arabic fables of 1000 and one night. But instead of a phantastic exotic setting it’s just the 1001 zombie horror like soooo many others right now.

sure Vollgaser it will contain some Arabic stuff, just wait :slight_smile:

thanks guys :slight_smile:

update :slight_smile:

check it out :slight_smile:

It looks great and the environment fits nicely together. Although, I have to agree with another comment above me; the shadows are very jarring. To bold, too sharp and too apparent. Once I noticed them, it’s all I could notice.

Great start.



Sure I will try my best to fix it again, actually the project is getting bigger and the more I did the more it become complicated, Im the only one working on this project :\ ahh

Many Thanks