One thing that is missing right now from the market place for blueprint developers.

We have a few options now for quality settings and options menu stuff which is fantastic. However we are still lacking such an interface for players to be able to bind keys to the available inputs. A key binding menu would really be awesome for the blueprinting community. Is anyone currently developing something like this?

[Full Project] Rama’s UMG Rebindable Key System, Rebind keys at Runtime!](!)

That requires an insane plugin with a ton of unrelated stuff and on top of that causes all kinds of potential problems.

Ill have to take that into consideration as this will become a topic of focus in my next milestone. If I devise a 100% blueprints set up that doesn’t compromise my game app products, ill release freely to the community. Perhaps this post would be a good place to start up a discussion on a bp key system design strategy?

First off sell it for $10-20 bucks if you can manage to make one of good quality. The reason I say this is that you would seriously deserve the money for doing this.

My thoughts as far as how it should work is that you should follow in the footsteps of Quality Game Settings which is up on the market place right now.

If you can make something that works in much the same manor as that then it would be totally worth it. In fact it would be pretty amazing if there was simply a Controls tab on this menu widget.