One static mesh passing through another

Hi all, I have one static mesh (a golf club) that is placed within another (a golf bag) and the bag moves around (when the golf cart drives). When the bag moves around at low speed, the physics simulation works great and the club stays where it should. Unfortunately as soon as I move the cart with more speed, the club starts to push through the collision of the bag’s sides; I’ve found that by changing the substep settings (currently async is checked, delta time 0.0013, max substeps 16) at least the club doesn’t just fall to the ground:


But obviously I want the club to stay within the bag. Before adjusting the substep settings it would do this:


CCD is enabled for the bag and the club. My simple collisions for them look like this (I thickened the club’s capsule primitive and some of the bag’s cube primitives trying to fix this issue):


Changing the club’s linear damping doesn’t help. I’ve tried adjusting any setting I can find and the club still floats out of the bag.

Any suggestions? Thanks!