One specific retargeted animation results in uneven feet?

The animation I am retargeting is a crouch_idle from mixamo. The screenshot characters:

1 = a mixamo skeleton I retargeted to, works fine
2 = unreal skeleton I retargeted to, uneven feet
3 = native skeleton for the animation
4 = trooper skeleton I retargeteed to, again uneven feet
5 = a hard-wired fix. what I did in this one is rotate the pelvis for the retargeting base pose 10 degrees on the y axis. It suddenly looks about perfect for this animation, but of course this breaks all other animations since the retargeting base pose is ridiculous, but this seems to suggest that possibly there’s an issue with some sort of pelvis rotation not being carried out?

I’ve double checked the rig mapping and the poses and all seems to be in order. And other retargeting works fine. In the skeleton for the trooper I have the root translation retarget set to animation, and the pelvis to animation scaled, everything else set to skeleton. These are all just dropped in animations - so no animation blueprint, inverse kinematics, or anything like that is a factor. I’m extremely new to animation and assume this is a simple mistake, but I’ve spent several hours trying to debug this and have run up dry. Any help would be much appreciated.

Awesome. You made me just double check it and the feet were okayish. They were off and improving them did make the placement look better, but didn’t resolve the foot imbalance (shown in attached pictures). So that made me wonder about the thigh/calf bones though. And yeah! There was a seemingly tiny difference there. The mixamo model had a very slight “(” type angle in how the calf and thigh bones were placed that I hadn’t even noticed at a glance! Is that normal in a T-pose? Also kind of surprised this didn’t result in the other animations bugging out, but I guess just the extreme curvature of the legs in this one really brought it out.

Anyhow slightly curving the trooper model’s legs has now resulted in a near perfect retargeting. Just needs some more tuning and tweaking. Even better, this should also make the other animations also fit even more nicely. Thanks!