One Skeleton (aka Animation) for multiple mesh ?

Hello everyone,

I am new to Unreal Engine 4 but I’ve followed a bunch of tutorials already and I am very interested in it.

Right now I’m trying to do a little example game where two pokemons are fighting: a charmander and a charmeleon. I have a 3D model of each pokemon and I’ve rigged them both in Blender.

For now, I’ve only animated the walking cycle of Charmander and then imported it in UE4. Since the two pokemons have the same hierarchal structure for their skeletons, shouldn’t I be able to share the animation with the Charmeleon ?

And if yes, how do I do it ? Because I’ve tried to import the Charmeleon and tell UE4 that his skeleton was the same than Charmander, but the animation is all messed up, and the mesh is misformed. I thought it was a matter of skeleton retargeting, so I’ve tried to recursively set retargeting to Skeleton instead of Animation in Personna, but it didn’t work… Can you help me ?

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Take a look at retargeting -> https://docs.unrealengine/latest/INT/Engine/Animation/AnimationRetargeting/index.html https://docs.unrealengine/latest/INT/Engine/Animation/RetargetingDifferentSkeletons/index.html :slight_smile:

Thank you for your reply :wink:

I’ve already looked these wiki but I’m can’t get it to work though… Some things I’m not sure to understand: If I rig and animate the first pokemon on blender, what exactely do I need to do with the second ? Do I need to rig it also ? Do I need to name the bones exactly the same ?

I’ve tried each pokemon but when I import the second one, and choose the first one skeleton as its skeleton assets, it seems like the mesh has two skeletons at once… And it’s all messed up, I’ve followed the retargeting tutorial on the wiki but it doesn’t seem to change anything…

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Concept wise

You have character one rigged with a full set of animations and export to UE4 by FBX.

During the import you are given options as to how and what you want imported and since it is the first character you could leave the default settings that also generates a skeleton and physics asset for character “one”

For the second character this is where instancing comes in.

If character B = the same base rig as character A during import instead of creating a unique set of support asset you can tell UE4 to assign the mesh to use the first skeleton you imported which in turn will instance anything that uses the first including the rig,animations, physics assets, animation blueprints.

In Blender best practice is to glue the different character to the same base rig if it is of similar design

Oh ok thank you for your reply !

I began to rig different character with the same skeleton on Blender, it seems to work like I wanted to…