One sided mesh (cliffs) and blending it with the terrain (ISSUE)

Hi all!

I was looking to do some terrain involving cliffs, however I am finding it very hard to do without it looking bad.

Just to demonstrate the issue I have a few screenshot.

So basically the issue I have is filling the holes between the terrain and the cliffs.
My question comes down to: Is there any tool (maybe blueprint) that I am not aware of that can deal with this?

I would appreciate any advice on that matter.

Thank you very much. :slight_smile:

Economic: I feel your pain. One sided assets are often a pain in the butt. Having said that, I do understand they can’t photoscan the back of the cliff :smiley:

You basically have to fill the holes at the top with believable rocks and bits of foliage. Best thing is to find one or two really useable rocks that you can use at many different sizes and rotations.

Don’t start putting lots of different things in there for ‘variation’ as this will hit your texture memory.

Personally I’ve found a rock from the kite demo very good. It’s called SM_MountainRock_Closed, but it may not ‘gel’ with what you have.

Also remember, that the player can’t really see much of the cliff when standing on top of it ( or much of the top when at the bottom ), so it doesn’t have to match perfectly.