One shortcut modal activation to translate/rotate/scale object like in blender

Hello, everyone.

I’m coming to you because I haven’t found any shortcuts, add-on or script allowing me to simply Move, Rotate or Scale, in all axis or specific axis without using the mouse.
I know there is shortcut W, E and R to change gizmo. I also know there is shortcut ALT or SHIFT or CTRL or a combination of them, with Left or Right click, or a combination of them, to move x, y or z axis, but all the current way of doing things seems terrible in terms of UX in my opinion.

I bought some courses from level designer, they still use the arrow gizmo to move things in screen space viewport. The way of moving things in the viewport is really long and quite old. We are in 2022, and using the mouse (having to select the small portion of the screen corresponding to the arrow (that is often hidden by other’s axis arrow) and being allowed to move only in the screen space (if you are near horizon, your mouse will reach infinite horizon really fast, but if you want to move down the objects, you need to be aligned to the location you want to reach)

After being used to blender ways of moving /rotating/scaling objects, it is really hard to go back to the old way of doing if by gizmo. And seeing senior level designer loosing their time all day make me feel pain for them.
If you never used blender shortcut, basically, you just press one key (G for grab, R for rotate, S for scale) and you enter a modal mode (Until you press escape or right click to abandon, or Left click to apply) In this modal you can move your mouse and the object will directly : move in screen space, rotate in screen tangent, or scale in all axis.
If you press the key X, Y or Z, the move will be locked to a specific axis, the rotation too, and the scale too, and it won’t be uniform.
If you press ALT + X, Y, or Z, allow you to move or scale in all axis but the one you pressed.
If you type a number while in modal, the object will move in the number in meters, if rotation, in degree or if scaled, it will be the multiplier number.

If you want to move the object in x-axis with 10 unit, and scale it by two, rotate it by 90°, you just have to press : G X 10 ENTER S 2 ENTER R Z 90 ENTER. Even if you don’t see what is there 10 units away.
Doing it by hands would need many more instructions, if adding value directly to the transformation matrix, you would still have to select each text, make addition or multiplication, and it doesn’t give instant feedback compared to the modal (you can change axis as you want in modals, if you forgot what axis you wanted to move).

The modal for the rotation is also more precise, as the rotation is done from the center of the object, the further your mouse is from this point, the more pixels you have to move your mouse to change one degree.

Totally agree, also I want to be able to translate in the graph editors(blueprint and shader nodes) with these shortcuts. It’s much faster and easier, moreover in blender you can pop up context menu for nodes with shortcut shift+a it allows my right hand to keep on keyboard and start typing node name immediately.
Edit: oh, press Tab to pop up context menu… but i couldn’t find how to connect pins with shortcut.


It’s very supportive. I need this shortcut very much, which determines whether I can smoothly move from blender to unreal5. I really hope the official will join this function!!!!


I highly agree. This is a much needed function. Blender had this nailed. i have been unable to find an equivalent in Unreal5


Definitely agreed! A huge nuisance in moving objects is having to be looking at the actor’s origin to be able to move it, because it’s impossible to click the arrow gizmo otherwise.
With shortcuts, much unnecessary looking back and forth and rotating your view can be skipped and objects can be aligned with the level more easily.


Thanks for making this thread and bringing it to people’s attention. It’s crazy how the most modern and widely used game engine with insane amount of features and tech doesn’t actually have this most basic functionality for moving objects around that could probably be implemented in a couple of days, and would significantly increase productivity of all the level designers out there.


Thank you so much for the suggestions! These kinds of changes are definitely on the team’s radar and something we’re interested in implementing.

We don’t have additional updates at this time, but please keep the suggestions coming and we’ll see what we can do.


I cant begin to tell you how useful this would be in engine. It would speed up so many areas in my work flow. Amazing to hear that it is being considered. Thanks and Keep us updated on the progress. Thankyou!


Sounds like a complex combo move on Mortal Kombat :stuck_out_tongue:

Hi @Amanda.Schade. It is great to hear that your team has this feature on their radar. I just wanted to ask if there is any news from the inside on this tool? I’ve recently been taking the Unreal Animation Fellowship course, and seeing all the cutting-edge in-engine animation features released, and I couldn’t help but realise how great a single button move/rotate/scale buttons would be to take advantage of the new tools. Thanks!


bumping this! anyone find a plugin?

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Almost two years have passed since this request was published and nothing has been done yet.
Don’t get me wrong, UE5 is great software, but the limitations in something as trivial as customizing controls are just sad.

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Personally, I’m in favor of going back to blender in my studio, even though it lacks many tools for very, very large photogrammetry datasets.