One set of images for alignment and another for textures?


I am running an experiment in which I project a noise pattern onto a surface to improve alignment. I take one picture with noise (Set A) and I then take a second image without the noise pattern for texture projection (Set B).

My question is: Once I have used set A for alignment and meshing, what is the best way to use Set B for texturing?

I can’t use both sets of images for alignment and meshing since Set A and Set B tend to be misaligned by a couple mm here and there, so the mesh is not as clean.

The only option I can think of now is to replace Set A with Set B (in the image source folder) and clear the Reality Capture cache.

Is there a way to apply the alignment of one image to another?

Just replacing Set A with Set B by renaming the image folders should do the trick.

It will only work though if the corresponding images have the same filenames. So if image 1 with pattern is named “asdf0001.png” then image 1 without pattern needs to also be named that.

I’ll give that (and one other thing) a try and post the outcome when I get a chance :slight_smile:

It turns out aligning both Set A and Set B together, but using Set A for meshing and Set B for texturing worked perfectly fine. It may not be absolutely perfect, but it’s very very good. Good enough to proceed anyway :slight_smile:

When I get a chance I’ll try the replacement technique as well, but I’m going to move on for the moment.