One question regarding requests for games

Excuse me again, everyone.

I might have enraged you with my previous posts, and for that, I am sorry. However, I have one question regarding making requests for games. Where can I make the requests for games that are not made yet? I wish to know. Thanks.

That’s not a thing, there’s no where that a studio looks for game requests. They always come up with their own ideas or they talk to established industry professionals that are pitching a project that they want to do. At best, you could go to the forum of the studio that owns the rights to the game you want and make a suggestion, but that really won’t mean anything unless there’s thousands of people doing the same thing.

Is this something you’re really serious about, or its just a wishlist suggestion?
If you’ve got a lot social media savvy (and time) you could start a petition… That’s about it…
Otherwise as DV alluded to, your request will probably go unnoticed by key decision makers.