One physic body for two pieces ?

What if i add one physic cube holds two pieces like windows ? Would it create any problems ? What if i do like this and use an animation ? Here is example

I’m a bit confused by your question.
If you need the item to react with physics, it should probably be split in 2 to allow for that.

If you don’t require the item to react to any physics, then I suppose the question is moot in the first place.
It won’t matter how it’s set up if you won’t be using physics on it.

Okay let me explain you . İ Made two window pieces as one object. Then made an animation. Now im confused. My animation is opening windows but what if i make a physic as in my pic?(one cube physic)

As i said, if you are not using physics it doesn’t really matter.

if the goal is to block objects from going through the window when closed or can go through when open, then you should have a collider for either shape (2 colliders). If it should always block objects regardless if it’s open or closed then use 1 collider.

I have a 4-piece mechanical door and i added a collider to every piece so players can’t go through when it’s closed but they can squeak in midway through the opening animation if they get impatient.

oh, thank you . You told me that answer which i was looking for.

Physics != Collision folks!

Physics = PHAT and a skeletal mesh + animations.

Collision is unrelated to this.