One or more downloads failed! Please refresh this page

Im new to UDK and Ive been working on a project. I tried to package it for HTML5 and it worked, but I can`t open it and it gives me an error with “One or more downloads failed! Please refresh this page

Here is a screenshot on how it looks:


I tried searching for an answer but nothing really helped me since I don`t have anything after localhost:8000 and I have no idea how to add or what to do.

If anyone could help it would be appreciated :slight_smile:

I did this with the FPS basic lvl of UE4 and it still gave me the error, here is the packaged project:

Thanks a lot and any help would be awesome.


p.s. I dont know programming at all, Im just an artist

Hi Alex,

Since, you are running HTML5LauncherHelper.exe, open a webpage and type
This should do the trick

Looks like you are running it directly from the generated folder. Chrome complains whenever you run a webpage with js locally.