One off editor scripts!!

HAHA! just realized that “Blu-tilities” in trello is this exact feature!! NICE!!!

Is it available to test out yet? Does it provide the features below? Would totally be down for trying it out, i have a perfect use case!

Request: Allow a script (of blueprint form) to be arbitrarily executed during editor time.

Why? This gives us the ability to procedurally create/manipulate actors in the editor, and then use the editor to tweak the actors.

What about undo? If the actors are placed in “folder” in the scene, then deleting all actors in the folder is essentially equivalent.

Okay, easy enough. What else? Taking this a step further, providing a “shelf” to hold the custom scripts would be neat, and maybe a mini api for handling input for them.
(if it was a blueprint then that would be defaults/public variables)

Perhaps it could be called “Editor Blueprint Library”