One of Umaps Crashes when Opened

UE 4.10

I’ve been editing a project over the weekend. Just after finishing with the third umap, I went back to an earlier one and it won’t open any longer.

The last things I was doing before the end was copying a group of particle systems from RoomTwo (the now crashing map) to the other (RoomThree), then I attempted to take level blueprint code from RoomTwo related to those particle effects. The references didn’t update and were just showing “Unknown” so I deleted them and wired things manually with references from RoomThree manually.

When I went back to switch to RoomTwo again, everything crashed, and continues to crashes unreal every time I try to open it or even when I right click the map to migrate it. Both of my other rooms work fine.

Please help!
Log attached:

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Hello Brawph,

I would try deleting your Intermediate and Saved folders within the associated project folder directory.

There might be some references being held within the RoomTwo level that are looking for the RoomThree level references you deleted and fixed manually. This is just a guess though.

Since you are receiving a crash, could you provide me with your crash logs in a text file attached in your response?

Let me know if you have further questions.

Thank you,

Hi, I might try that, though I found that there’s a bunch of saved backups in the Saved folder, and using one of those saves for RoomTwo seems to work with just a little lost progress. Thanks for the response though!

I would use that backup map then and work from there. I would even create a copy of the RoomTwo map that works and rename it something else. Let me know if you still need assistance.