One of the levels in my game crashes on Android

So I’ve been trying to fix the android build of my game after it wasn’t compiling because of FMOD (which I’ve fixed and it works properly) and right now the only issue is that when I try to load the main level of the game, the game crashes.

I’ve been trying to debug the issue myself, but the callstack always looks like this, no matter if I’m doing Debug or Development. (it sometimes happens in the RHIThread, sometimes in the GameThread)

There’s also nothing in the Saved/ directory related to the crash.

Any help would be appreciated! I can’t really trace the history that well, because in the time that I’ve struggled with building the game I’ve been adding new stuff, so it’s possible some of that might have caused it (though I was mainly adding geometry to the level, the game still works on other levels just fine).

BTW, I’m using a custom source build of 4.26.1. Also if more information is needed to help solve the crash, I will gladly provide it.

EDIT: The moment it crashes is the definitely after beginplay, I can hear the player character playing her land VO sound.

EDIT2: Also, the game works fine on PC, both on my main computer and on my laptop.

I’ve managed to fix the crash! I took out the LGUI plugin completely and stuff started working again.

It would still be neat to know how I could fix issues where I don’t get a callstack at all, but the problem is gone for now.