One of my games, let me know your thoughts

I’ve been working with Unreal for just under 2 years now. I have a hand full of prototype games done. This is one of them:

The audio on the video is poorly mixed, clipping and recorded via screen capture so it’s of a lower bit rate. I was going to re-upload with the audio recorded directly in (to audio editor) but then i’d lose views and comments so just gonna stick you with the warning. It is inspired by the likes of Tron, Wipeout, Thumper etc. Any feedback is appreciated. I am thinking of taking steps to release it on steam but I may end up going with one of the others I have in the vault. Honest thoughts and advice is welcome, the goal is to make the game good not make me feel good. For those on instagram feel free to add me

It looks cool, only gripe is the camera lag is too intense/frequent. I’d tighten up the camera a little otherwise it will be nauseating for extended periods. Really like your art design and use of color.

Looks really good.
Thought the flickering lights and jittery movements are so extreme that my eyes hurt. I can’t watch for more than a minute.
But you are definitely onto something. Good luck.

The ligthts might be ok. An extended session with no cuts would help, the camera lag is definitely issue number one, make it slower.

I thought it was pretty cool. Can you make another video? I would like to see what happens when you crash into a wall or another vehicle. Are there power-ups for speed, turning etc? I couldn’t tell the difference if there was because of all the flashing lights. I’m really glad I’m not in that small percentage of people that have epilepsy. That game would be suicide for them. If you do make another video, please do not phase lifted line in and out of the video. It is perfectly clear that the game is called lifted line by the handle and by the lifted line introduction. flashing that in and out of the demo just adds to the eye pain.

I love the design of the vehicle and the color palette you used. With more work and a variety of different looking levels, as well as a bit better sound…I’d buy it! Another game for my son to kick my *** in!

Thanks I will tweak the camera and tone down the flashing. Some of the flashing is the video editing, not the game. I am kind of an addict to the epileptic color/flash stuff but I’ll tone it down a few people have said that now.

Yeah I will make another and do some twitch sessions playing it. At the moment there are no other vehicles. It looks a bit like a racer but is closer to an infinite runner. I love infinite runners like temple run and subway surfers but they are a bit kiddie ish. As far as I know there isn’t any “Extreme” infinite runners. That is how it is now anyway but it could change. The game doesn’t currently have powerups but I plan on including them.

I recommend using a physical material on any meshes that collide with low coefficient of friction (~0.1) and high restitution (0.7-0.9) for what Dingera said. Also it’s good to limit the maximum rotation speed of the mesh when it crashes so that it smooths out the gameplay.

still think increasing the camera lag variable (slowing down the camera arm) to decrease nausea would be good.

For some reason adding physical materials to the character mesh doesn’t seem to do anything when I’ve tried it in the past. In this particular game I have it to where when you go below a certain speed you automatically die. So hitting something basically results in death. It is modeled after an infinite runner more so then a racer. I have another game where I programmed a “Hit” effect where character sort of bounces off other characters (auto movement away from hit with screenshake/blur etc.). It works good but it’s not actually using the unreal physics engine which kind of sucks. But are you saying putting a physical material on the third person character template will cause character to bounce off walls? If so I didn’t know that. I’ve tried it but it didn’t seem to do anything.

love your game, was amazed !! update us bro

Frank tech is wrong. The materials will work on the meshes even if they aren’t being propelled by physics. Collisions and propulsion are completely separate events. What matters is ;

1)the mesh is set to simulate physics in the blueprint.

2)the mesh is set to event hits and both query and physics collisions (in the mesh collision component of a blueprint).

The material you are using needs high restitution and low friction. I can collide two bodies together with the same physical material at speeds of 80,000 m/s. The collisions stop working around 400,000 m/s. Your game looks to be 900-1300 m/s so there’s no reason it won’t work (meshes need proper collision boxes as well)