One Minus in BP (not Material)?

Can’t find One Minus in BP, is that because it’s not there?

It’s not there. You must do it the hard way :wink:

What Everynone means is you just multiply your value by negative 1 float and you get the same result :stuck_out_tongue:
What exactly are you trying to do?


This ^^^ but multiplication would not work well here. The hard way equivalent in question:


But I believe espr3ss0 is well aware.

I thought a one minus node was just inverting a value like converting 1 to negative 1.

The closest I could find is Map Range, with One Minus 1 becomes 0 and 0 becomes 1.

Been looking through some game programming vids on Youtube and is mentioned but not found how yet.

It’s just this, mate:


Thanks but not seeing how to implement it?

Plug what you need where zero is. That’s 1-x

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But that’s not even how 1-x works…

It’s just the reminder of 1, so if X = 0.25 the remainder is 0.75. :slight_smile: