One material as a layer in another material

I want to paint my landscape with some nice layers. I’ve created a material for landascape with five layers which I can paint the landscape with. In starter content of a project I found a nice material M_AssetPlatform_grass which I want to use to paint alongside with my material. My question is: How can use this material as a painting layer in my landscape material ? Is it possible ?

I would like to know as well. I’ve just been recreating the material nodes in the landscape material and cleverly adding them to the blend list.

The only method I know of is the layer blend one that is the default way to paint landscapes, it can combine material settings but not different materials. Most simple example

keep in mind material functions can be helpful and you can switch material settings to be a single input for all settings.

Thanks for the answer, Iw ill still keep on looking for an easier solution. But thanks anyway !