One man team on a 3D side scroller?

I recently got into UE4 and was pleasantly surprised on how intuitive it is. I have tried Game Maker Studio and RPG maker before, but they seem to be limited in some way and also seem to have a deep learning curve. Correct me if I’m wrong, but working in UE4 feels like I’m building a game inside a game(!) and can achieve so much more in 5 hours than GMS and RPGmaker did, combined. My question is, is it possible to make a 3D side scroller, with dark souls-esque combat, by myself? Of course, Im talking about bare minimum here which means a functioning game. It doesnt need to be pretty with mouth watering graphics and sounds. Heck it doesnt even need to have secondary animations. I’m thinking about creating that prototype and use it to team up with more people to finish the game. I do have moderate experience in 3Ds max, photoshop and what not.

The answer is always Yes.

What problem lies there is the time it will take you to do it. :slight_smile:

Start small. Make a small Dark Souls game. When people gets their interest on, they will eventually join. :wink:

Very much possible bruh

Thank you guys on the words of encouragement :slight_smile: I am currently modelling and rigging my main character and some enemies. Wish me luck :smiley:

You don’t need luck, just time. :slight_smile:

You know that is more than what I want to hear. The biggest fear for me right now is to just stop midway and abandon everything because I “cannot” do it. Time isn’t a problem for me. I am a very patient guy :smiley:

Time for me was a problem. I worked on a endless runner made in construct 2. When it was finished i was thinking why not make it an action sidescroller and added enemies and better level designs. when that was finished i wanted to make it 2.5d. while making it 2.5d i decided for the same amount of effort i can just make it a third person game.

Its in my to be continued folder :stuck_out_tongue:

^ I feel you. That’s why I’m starting as a 3d side scroller right now, so that I dont need to be hungry for more later on (if i manage to finish the game that is). I just hope I didn’t underestimate the project and get overwhelmed by it.

Just break it up into small chunks. Write down everything that is needed before you start.

For example my project plan looked something like

Take downs

  1. rear
  2. front
  3. above

Enemy movement

  1. Ai patrol logic
  2. Spot player logic
  3. attack logic

And so forth.
Slowly chip through it.

That would be the best approach as a team of one. Thanks for the tips!

After a couple days of tinkering around with animations and blueprints, I realized that I might not be able to achieve the realism I was hoping for. At least not by myself. SOOOO… I decided to switch gear to another game with similar design but simpler assets. We will see how it turns out XD

if you need tips or some help just shout

Definitely will do. I am really enjoying this forum and the community so far. Everyone has been very very helpful.

Sure you should try. However not everybody (i would say most of us), is highly efficient in every area of game development.

I for eg. can code like no tomorrow, or I can learn how to do stuff in unreal very fast, which is more important than just doing things. There are so many things you need to know that probably you will never stop learning.
On other side of spectrum is fact that i just cannot learn how to make artsy assets, I have technical skills, I learned all applications, but my artistic stuff is meh. All I need is more practice, but then i can learn code aspects of engine much much faster.

So my point is that you should collaborate with somebody that has good skills in areas you lack. For me it would be artist, instead of me wasting time to produce art, and him/her wasting time to code, we can agree on game design and artstyle and do it together. So i think while doing whole game alone is possible, it is huge waste of time. Find out what you are good in, start some prototype while learning things, then lurk in recruitment forums and find somebody that can help you with things you are struggling.

Indeed. Luck doesn’t have anything to do with game development, but it will be involved later, when you will start selling your game :slight_smile:

you don´t need to be all alone, but yes, you can do if you keep trying and studying. If you want ppl to join you, send me a private message, maybe we can work together

Hold it simple!
Always do frequently Backups!
Use incremental saves for working blueprints/maps/anything!
Never dig to deep into modeling, before you know 100% that you will use it!
Block out anything, use legal(!) placeholders!
Look into audacity for sounddesign(placeholders).
Try to understand the codestuff!
C&P could work, but when you come to a point, where you want to extend and do not understand…
This is perfect for any question first
Good luck from a single dev :slight_smile:

Hahaha thanks guys! Im currently trying to finish the prototype with placeholder models and some animations. But i am trying to nail the movement and combat animations because that’s what I want to focus on my game (with precise collision and dodging mechanics). I am just adding stuff on the go and trying to figure out the workflow. After the prototype, I can let people play it and if they are interested maybe we can team up :wink:

I am making a 3d side scroller if you want to help or just get ideas how to do it. I am also a one man team


Hey I am just starting out with Unreal Engine and really wish to know if there is some tutorial series for 3d Side scrollers?
Doing it as project for final year…
Thanks in advance.