One Man building a helicopter game.. looking for one or two...

I’m working on a small helicopter flight simulation game… target console: Xbox one

I programmed in php, ajax, MySQL, and other web based programming languages for about 5 years as a hobby. My 3d programming experience is about 2 weeks… The last day of my work is in the video below captured on a stock hp computer 4g ram… . Helicopter is free for personal use from the web… sliders are variables I can update while testing… widgets are 3 minutes in gimp thrown in the cockpit just to test… camera is on scroll wheel so I can view from outside…

PLEASE turn sound down… it’s glitchy from capture recording and game running at the same time

I’m looking for like minded beginner friendly (or beginners themselves) people… I have nodes everywhere, connections crossed, multiple code that does the exact same thing but not really at the same time until I get what I want… then straighten out what works and delete the rest…

If you think this is something you are interested in… send pm or email

Hello @Riffecreek,

A Helicopter Simulation sounds pretty interesting. What you have managed to develop thus far looks like a great start. I’m a Blueprints-centric UE4 Developer and for years developed solo. Due to the often grand nature of my game concepts and lack of Art content, I actively seek out procedural solutions with the goal of doing more with less.

Anyways… I have a few more questions about your game.

  1. You mentioned target console: Xbox one. Do you have any commercial intent to sell the game?
  2. Will there be Multiplayer?
  3. What sort of help do you require specifically? 3D Assets, VisualFX, Blueprints, SoundFX?

I would also encourage you to set up a Discord Channel like this one for improved presence and direct communications.

It look awesome, did you import it has a skeleton ?

I got the same model but wasn t able to animate it or add any texture to it.

I also doing my own fly model like the arma 3 ( i hate the bf flight model ).

Here is the controller, i didnt add a ground check so it going bad when landing


New V3 : Added Free cam and better simulated yaw when the chopper roll

Here is the V2 with the chopper and some animations

V4 : realist physics, air drag + drag when high pitch