One licence, multiple computers

Hey Guys!

Quick question, I am wondering if I can buy one licence and download multiple binaries for different OS’s.

I am a sole dev, I have a pc and a mac and was wondering if I can use both versions on my respective computers.

Thanks :slight_smile:


Yes, you can use your personal license to download to multiple computers. I have it on my PC and my Macbook Pro here at work under same license with no problems!

Just remember to stick to EULA:

Licensed Technology is licensed to you for use by a single User. User may store Licensed Technology on any of User’s computers, but Licensed Technology cannot be shared with others (including any other employees or agents) except through a permitted Distribution as described above.


Update to comments below: I have tried again after a few days and problem has resolved itself.

I have copied engine and launcher to my laptop to develop while away, but it is not working for me at moment.

When I start launcher it says “Syncing your account” for a while and then a button appears that is labelled “Subscribe” where normally “Launch” is located.

I am logged in to my active account when this happens and my other pc is not using license at time.

Any suggestions?

Thank you in advance,