One Large Asesset compard to lost of small one

So I’m looking at stating to crate a level, i was thinking about the size of the object, the physical size the triangle count and the texture size as a test, i found that i could use a large object with lots of triangle with a large texture (the UE4 rocks) with 8K textures that would look good(Scaled Up), or I could use rocks with a smaller Triangle count and 2k textures(smaller physical size), I compared them both and found them to look similar, and when i added up the triangle count it was only about 1000 triangle difference but I’m not shore what the actual difference is, as I used 3 different smaller rocks with 3 different textures 2K the same Master Material, i could probably reduce that number to 2 different types but it just didn’t look as good, it was a large Rock wall, or i could use the large UE4 Rocks 1 or 2 times and because of its detail in the model and texture size it i could enlarge the rock without it losing the rock losing a of detail,


  • 1 large rock wall with 15K triangles and a 8K texture

  • 3 rocks at 2K triangles copied many more times the add up to 14K triangles and 3 different 2K textures
    or crate a happy medium with 4K textures and a 4K triangle Rock,

  • the large 8K Rocks was the quickest the crate the large rock wall

to add I also reduced the Triangle count of the UE4 Rocks from the about 15K triangles to about 8K triangles to get the rock wall lower, i tried reducing the texture size to 4K but it didn’t look as good

it seems to be the same thing when i was looking at crating assets it just the ratio would change